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Humanity messed up real bad last time when it chose the wrong fruit. Some mistakes can still be fixed


Sharp Lemon s.a.l is a boutique digital media agency launched by Patrick Chemali in June 2011 out of Beirut, Lebanon.
Sharp Lemon s.a.l was formed in light of increasing demand for digital services and in order to formalize a long standing and proven customer base that seeks to get professional services at reasonable prices with an innovative approach to today's digital media scene.
Sharp Lemon capitalizes on the long experience of its founder and the innovative perspective of its human capital.

OK, here is the less boring version:

We are Young, we are Smart and we have Fresh ideas* that we would love to Share with You

* We've also been plagiarized and copied repeatedly...this usually means we're really good at what we do



We'll work with you to build your brand and all the needed awareness online.
This includes all the studies that require using big complicated words (strategic diagnostics, market segmentation...) then come back with clear ideas on how to properly position yourself among competitors to ensure that your brand leaves an unmistakeable footprint in the digital world.

[Web Development]

We understand the Web. Whether it's desktop or mobile, we have a lot to say on how to build your web presence and what to include on your website.
You could be on a tight budget or willing to invest heavily in your online presence, we will always propose the most suitable solution for you!

[Social Media]

Social media has become the de facto for online presence. Having only a website is no longer enough to engage your audience. So how about you help us help you build your social media presence?
Too complicated?
We will simply tell you how to make more money using things like these:

[Content Management]

The chosen content can make or break your online image. If your copy is badly written or if you are unable to maintain accurate information then this service is for you. We can review the existing content, propose a new one and help you maintain it.
We'll do the things we know best and You can focus on your core business activity!

[Consultancy Services]

Every organization is bound to need additional manpower but the need does not always justify increasing your headcount.
Our consultancy services are tailored for this purpose. We bring our added-value and know-how onto your projects.
Our staff can work remotely and on-site to address your business needs.


[Because Lemons Can...]

Rejuvenate your skin, control high blood pressure, aid weight loss, reduce stress, treat cold and flu, help prevent diabetes, relieve toothaches, fight osteoarthritis, stop gum and nose bleeding, prevent sunburn, heal stings and bites, fade scars...

[Because Sharp Lemon Can...]

Deliver timely solutions, within your budget constraints while offering an innovative outside the box perspective.
Bring the necessary twist of passion, professionalism and dedication that is needed to add flavor to your digital presence!
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