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We Hate The Hype!

So you will see us delivering results instead of showing off on social media. We will work discretely with you to make your brand, not ours, shine through with its achievements.
We take no prisoners when it comes to living up to our commmitment to you

about us

Who We Are

Founded in 2011 by Patrick Chemali, Sharp Lemon is a digital consultancy specializing in online growth activities. We offer our services to a select set of customers, who fulfill the criteria we consider suitable for a symbiotic relationship that can provide concrete and measurable results!

We are able to offer our wide array of services through our network of strategic partners that spans across various disciplines and englobes providers for different market tiers.

So What Do We Do?

what we Do

Our services are focused on, but not limited to, these activities. We are against the one-stop-shop concept and do our best to make our offering consistent with our key areas of expertise.

Strategy & Planning

We put the extensive experience we have amassed through the years, at the service of your business to help you plot the optimal course for the future with the help of digital tools, essentially acting as your off-board CDO (Chief Digital Officer)


In today's connected world, no marketing plan is complete without digital and social, and any communication plan that does not include these channels is bound to fall flat on their face. We are here to make sure this does not happen to you!

Digital transformation

If you feel that the times are moving too fast and that your business is stuck behind other competitors, chances are this is true. Transforming the business for the digital age requires a certain skillset that we are happy to bring to the table.

Online Crisis Management

The question is not if your business will face a crisis, the question is when! We offer our training and consulting services to businesses looking to prepare for future crisis or to mitigate and contain an ongoing situation

Implementation Services

No strategy or transformation is complete unless implemented. Sharp Lemon can provide implementation services for various channels (Web, mobile, offline...) to ensure that your business is able to move forward in the most efficient and effective way.

Training & Coaching

We offer custom-tailored training sessions to address the needs of your staff and team members on any of the topics within our field of expertise in digital. Private coaching sessions for executives are available with the utmost discretion

I've read enough, how do we start?

Why Choose Us

Amidst the crowded scene of digital services providers, things can get blurry and each offering can look like the next. Here are what we believe are key reasons why we would be a great fit for you.

We will not sugarcoat the truth! We practice complete transparency and do the job we were hired to do by exposing the facts and recommending the proper actions. If you are uncomfortable hearing this, then we are probably not a good match.
We prioritize quality and level of service over having a large number of clients. You are at the center of our focus! We will not rush projects to move to the next one, and will not carry more than we can handle. You are always entitled to attentive and personalized service in exchange for the commitment you have made to work with us.
Just because we offer a higher level of service, this does not mean we are here to squander your hard-earned money. We are very aware of the budgetary limitations that clients nowadays face, and pledge to offer the best value for the quality of service we offer, without any hidden costs!
We carry more than 20 years of international experience in digital. Our exposure to different industries and business models puts us at a unique vantage point where we can bridge the gap between the business aspects and the technical side.

Let's Hear From You

We are just a few clicks away and we answer all our emails and calls (or at least we try to call back). Drop us a line, tell us how we can help